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Personal Background

I'm very interested in place appeal & destination marketing: ways to better position a place to stimulate tourism & investment, develop human capital, grow employment & community revenues, etc. Hospitality management is a key teaching theme, built on understanding quality-of-life.   My past research work has covered the strategy and structure of business federations, corporate governance in Japan, risk management, development catalysts, and 'entrepreneurial' universities.

I'm Managing Director of   ?! Helpnet   - a consulting firm for destination marketing & education, and a university professor working mainly in the Nordic region, Korea, and Japan. Prior to moving to Sweden I was both teaching and studying at the University of Oxford (UK) where I earned my doctorate (DPhil in Management Studies), and before that worked as a management & international strategy consultant based in Japan.   I've also studied at the University of Tsukuba, Japan (Masters in Economics), at Stockholm University, Sweden (Master of Social Science in Educational Leadership & Management), and at Colby College, Waterville Maine, USA (Bachelor of Arts), from which I did research at Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan, India.   My secondary schooling was at Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School, Cape Cod Massachusetts.   My first twenty-two years were US-based; I've since lived and worked in Asia & Europe for the past 30+ years and traveled in 75+ countries.

The above fish is a happy reminder of my boyhood on Cape Cod, Massachusetts (a Cape Cod National Seashore document was the source of the fish graphic - here is another). My early days were spent within a 300-member extended family in Hawaii. My wife Aimee and I now live in central Stockholm, Sweden. Aimee's page is here. We enjoy Nordic walking, rollerblading, athletics, long-distance ice-skating, and art.

Bruce Henry Lambert

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